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How Business Interruption Insurance Can Protect Your Income

The concept of business continuity is one of the keys that separate reliable and resilient enterprises from those that sputter and struggle to stay afloat. Large companies are often in the best position to invest in protections that keep a business going in a crisis. However, any firm can experience disruption at some point, which Read More

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How to Find Coverage to Match Your Business Size

Secure the best insurance to suit your company’s needs. As a business owner, you know that you need business insurance. The primary question is how much coverage will protect you and not be a costly burden. As no two businesses are created equally, each will have its own risks, industry, location, and size. In short, Read More

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Protect Yourself From Cyber Fraud

If your business is connected to the internet, there’s a chance it could be targeted by hackers and put you in some legal danger. The internet is a great invention that has made the world a better place by offering information and bringing people together from opposite ends of the world. But there are some Read More


Wills & The Medical Power of an Attorney

  In case you lose the ability to speak for yourself, it’s best to keep your health care wishes in writing. Like most people, you aren’t too keen on imagining yourself in a hospital bed unable to speak due to some illness, old age, or disability—like Hillary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”. However, if you Read More


Sewer and Drain Backup Insurance for Businesses

Optimizing Coverage For Your Biggest Investment Business owners of companies of all shapes and sizes have share the same priority – protecting their business to the fullest while maximizing profits and minimizing losses. In doing so, you have obtained commercial insurance policies intended to optimize protection of your biggest investment. Unfortunately, many new and small Read More