How to Save on Your Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance doesn’t have to be the monthly burden with which you associate it because there are some good ways in which you can save some real money. Gas prices are unstable, rent and home prices are through the roof (metaphorically), and medical bills are so high they could give you a heart attack! There’s no doubt about it, the cost of living has increased and continues to do so. This causes many of us to tighten our belts (and wallets), but there is something you can do to give … [Read more...]

Tips for Buying a Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy

An umbrella insurance policy provides coverage above and beyond that which can be afforded by your basic general liability policy. Business insurance is important to have because it’s the best way to protect your business from the threats that it faces on a daily basis. What should happen if these dangers take an unusual turn and become a far greater threat to your business than your policy is prepared for?  The value of umbrella insurance is to protect the assets of your business from large … [Read more...]

How to Properly Conduct a Home Inventory

To properly save all of the things in your home from damage, it’s important that you conduct a home inventory. If you ever have to file a homeowners insurance claim, you’ll have to submit a list of all the items in your house that have been damaged, lost, or stolen. Having a list of all your possessions at your fingertips will ease an otherwise headache-inducing process and get your insurance claim settled faster. Here are some guidelines you should follow when compiling your home inventory to … [Read more...]

What Do You Do When Your Car Is Stolen?

Try not to panic, when your car gets stolen it’s important that you follow this process to help your chances of it being found. You’ve had a great morning: you didn’t break the yolk of your eggs, you got your favorite pair of underwear on, and your hair is perfect. A fantastic start to the day. You walk out to the parking lot expecting that the commute to work will be just as great. Only when you get to where you left your car last night, you find an empty spot. You look all over the parking … [Read more...]

Safety Tips for The 4th of July

The 4th of July offers a time for celebration, but it’s not free of risk and that’s why you need to know how to have a safe holiday. 4th of July celebrations are just around the corner: backyard barbecue, a trip to the beach, fireworks. Whatever you may have planned this year, we want you to enjoy your holiday and have prepared steps you can follow to be safe. You don’t want to cut your festivities short just because you weren’t careful and didn’t prevent an easily avoidable accident! Here are … [Read more...]

The Emergency Car Kit Your Vehicle Needs

By having these items in your car, you can prepare yourself for most emergencies that may arise at the most unforeseen times. No one enjoys being stuck on the side of the road, but when you have your trusty emergency car kit, the experience can be more tolerable. It’s important that we cover the basics, and we also have suggestions for items you may have overlooked. Consider packing these supplies to bring along when you commence your next road trip, or even just your next drive across … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Yard Safe for the Summer

Making sure your yard is safe for the summer could save you liability. Your backyard is a fun place for the kids and for the rest of the family as well. But is it safe? Each year, tens of thousands of people get injured in backyards simply because the property owner was negligent in making sure that everything was safe for everyone. This summer, make sure that your yard is as safe as possible to keep you from being liable and avoid any unfortunate accidents in your backyard. 3 Tips on … [Read more...]

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