Auto Insurance

The Emergency Car Kit Your Vehicle Needs

By having these items in your car, you can prepare yourself for most emergencies that may arise at the most unforeseen times. No one enjoys being stuck on the side of the road, but when you have your trusty emergency car kit, the experience can be more tolerable. It’s important that we cover the basics, Read More


How to Make Your Yard Safe for the Summer

Making sure your yard is safe for the summer could save you liability. Your backyard is a fun place for the kids and for the rest of the family as well. But is it safe? Each year, tens of thousands of people get injured in backyards simply because the property owner was negligent in making Read More


Disability Insurance: Short Term

Disability insurance is there to help you in case anything prevents you from working—even if it’s just for a few months. When it comes to the financial future of your family, you want to make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure that they will do fine if you are no Read More


Earthquake Coverage & You

Earthquakes can come when you least expect them which makes them one of the most dangerous natural disasters on the planet. Earthquakes occur when two tectonic plates shift and all of that stored potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy and sends out a shockwave through the crust of the earth. This movement can be Read More


How to Make Your Home Look Inhabited While You’re on Vacation

Your home is going to look mighty empty while you’re on vacation, and burglars will take notice. Who is there to watch your house while you’re on vacation? Very few homeowners have their neighbors on their most-trusted list, which makes leaving town somewhat less nerve-rattling as they can easily report any suspecting activities going on in Read More