Does Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Rental car insurance: do you need it? You’re excited and ready to start your vacation after a long flight; all you need is to get your rental car and you’re off! The only problem is that they hand you a clipboard with an insurance contract with more confusing insurance options. You want to be insured in case an accident happens – especially when you’re on vacation – but you don’t want to make payments that could end up doubling your total rental car fees. Find out what you should do when you … [Read more...]

What Is Covered in A Car Break-In?

If your car is broken into and has multiple things stolen, be sure that you know your coverage. When looking at an auto insurance policy, many people are distracted with the big risks such as collision coverage and liability coverage. While these are extremely important, it should be noted that, typically, only the broken windows, the stereo, the spare tire, and what is physically attached to the car are covered in the event of a car break in. The loose items that can be stolen such as your … [Read more...]

A Simple Rider Can Reduce Your Rental Car Insurance Costs

The cost of rental car insurance can make your jaw drop, if you purchase it through a rental car agency. Fortunately, you likely have an affordable alternative. You can buy long-term rental car insurance through a regular auto insurance policy. With this approach, you can pay a monthly fee for about the cost of one day of insurance through the rental firm. In addition to the expense, insurance you purchase through a rental agency is likely to have high deductible and limited reimbursement. It … [Read more...]

Have The Right Insurance For Your New Car Purchase

It's time to take your old jalopy to the scrapyard and get yourself a new car to drive. You find the perfect one, fill out all the financing information, and drive it off the dealership lot. Life is wonderful for the first month until another driver backs into your car. When you try to make a claim with your insurance company, they are only willing to pay for certain things and not for the amount that will cover the cost of repairs for your new vehicle. Why? You never contacted them to update … [Read more...]

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