Small Business Tips for Employee Retention

Small businesses need their best employees, but keeping up with competition and poor management can become obstacles which lead to turnover.  Good employees are the lifeblood of any business, but a good employer is the beating heart which spreads this oxygen-rich blood (the employees) and keeps the business alive. Losing employees is the last thing small businesses want because it is a costly loss. Replacing an employee costs, on average, 20 percent of that employee's annual salary. If you own … [Read more...]

Traveling for Business? Use These Insurance Tips

Traveling for business can raise a lot of questions about insurance, regardless if the distance is down the road or across the world.  Do you travel for business? Traveling can be a rather nice experience because you get to see the world, but it can also spawn questions about your insurance coverage–even if insurance is not the first (second, third, or fourth) thing on your mind. The thing with traveling, however, is that it does not matter how far you go. If your business requires you to … [Read more...]

Protect Yourself From Cyber Fraud

If your business is connected to the internet, there’s a chance it could be targeted by hackers and put you in some legal danger. The internet is a great invention that has made the world a better place by offering information and bringing people together from opposite ends of the world. But there are some humans out there that try to ruin it for everyone and that’s why we can’t have nice things. People like internet trolls and hackers make the internet a dangerous place. Hackers have the … [Read more...]

The End of the Year Small Business Checklist

The end of the year may be an exciting time, but as a small business owner, your job is not over yet.  Before you go out and purchase your 2017 party hat and sunglasses, you need to make sure that your business is ready for the new year as well. This is the time of the year where your business needs you the most. But what can you do to make sure it is ready? Well, there's plenty in the areas of accounting and IT that will get your business ready for 2017–and any year that follows. Here are a … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation 101: What Do You Need to Know?

For many small business owners, dealing with workers' compensation can be a huge headache.  Why is the system so difficult to manage? While some laws are as clear as day because of their federal reach, some laws are left to be interpreted by the state. This lack of unified law leads to mass confusion for small business owners. Familiarizing yourself with the workers' comp laws in your state is a must, but there are some key terms that every small business owner must know. What you need to … [Read more...]

Your Business Needs Employment Practice Liability Insurance!

If you're not carrying employment practices liability insurance for your Pleasant Hill, CA business, you could face a disastrous lawsuit.  You know that you need to be careful as an employer. In our litigious society, you have taken extra steps to follow protocol relating to the treatment of employees. You grant them legally required leave. You carry the necessary insurance. You make sure everything—from benefits to termination—is documented in writing. Even so, though, you could still find … [Read more...]

Sewer and Drain Backup Insurance for Businesses

Optimizing Coverage For Your Biggest Investment Business owners of companies of all shapes and sizes have share the same priority – protecting their business to the fullest while maximizing profits and minimizing losses. In doing so, you have obtained commercial insurance policies intended to optimize protection of your biggest investment. Unfortunately, many new and small businesses owners will forgo certain policies simply to avoid the extra expense that can actually provide their companies … [Read more...]

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