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Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Earthquakes can happen without warning, are you prepared to handle one?  Earthquakes occur when the massive plate tectonics just beneath the Earth’s surface slide against each other. While they may only move an average of centimeters at a time, with all of that mass, it releases a lot of energy which we feel as seismic Read More


Earthquake Coverage & You

Earthquakes can come when you least expect them which makes them one of the most dangerous natural disasters on the planet. Earthquakes occur when two tectonic plates shift and all of that stored potential energy is transferred into kinetic energy and sends out a shockwave through the crust of the earth. This movement can be Read More


Have You Considered Insurance For Your Wine Collection?

What you need to know about using wine insurance to protect your Pleasant Hill, CA collection. If you’re a wine collector, odds are you’ve invested not just a significant amount of money, but also countless hours and endless energy in cultivating your collection. The bottles you own represent your passion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your Read More