Tips For Your Trip

Are You Ready For The Road Ahead? With Memorial Day just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to a long weekend and some quality time with your family. The holiday presents the perfect opportunity to get out of town, and whether you head out for relaxation or for fun it is important to prepare. So you can be ready for your upcoming road trip, we would like to offer the follow tips. Check Challenge: You are going to depend on your car or RV over the weekend, so it is crucial … [Read more...]

Are You Under The Umbrella?

Do Not Leave Yourself Exposed Without This Coverage As the adage goes, when it rains, it pours. This is especially true in our personal lives. A fender bender leads to a lawsuit because the other driver experiences whiplash. A heavy rainstorm lets water into your basement, and a guest slips and falls and is now taking you to court. Your existing homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies are sufficient to protect your home and your car, but they¬†could quickly reach their limits if … [Read more...]

Optimizing Your Easter Experience

Making The Most Of The Upcoming Holiday Easter is a great time to get back to family values, gathering the whole gang to spend some quality time together. Whether your family goes out of town for the weekend or stays local, there are ways you can make the most of your time. Here is a quick guide. Heading Out: If you will be traveling this Easter weekend or are planning another trip this spring or summer, you can safeguard your investment in your vacation by carrying travel insurance. Not … [Read more...]

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

Having a teen that is starting to drive can be a stressful and nerve racking time for any parent. If you have a new driver in the family, it is important to make sure that they know how to stay safe while behind the wheel. To make sure that your teen is ready to drive on their own, make sure to follow these tips. Discuss the dangers of using electronic devices while driving, from getting a ticket to the possibility of death. Also make sure that you set a good example by not using your cell … [Read more...]

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