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Do Businesses Really Need Earthquake & Flood Insurance?

You have fought for your business since day one so it is a good idea to protect it from any and all dangers.  You may already have a quality business insurance policy with a great premium and a pretty good deductible. Business policies protect against things like fire damage, theft, vandalism, et cetera. And while Read More

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What to Know About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance covers your home from flood damage, a danger to which many people believe they are immune. Many people believe that because they are not in a flood zone, they do not require flood insurance. Many of those people are the ones who are surprised to find out that flood insurance is not covered under Read More


Winter Weather Wisdom: Preparing Your Home

Winter weather is coming our way, so now’s the time to prepare your home! While the weather was slow in cooling off this year, it doesn’t mean we’ll have a mild winter. In fact, climate experts are predicting that California will be slammed by El Niño this year. While El Niño doesn’t always have a Read More


Californians: Why You Need Flood Insurance Now

Protect your home and belongings from being damaged in a flood! While California is known as the golden state, when it comes to rain, northern California can suffer from flash floods, hurricanes, and storm surges. Along side this, there can be external flooding, failed city drainage systems, and simply that the neighbor above you forgot Read More


Stay Afloat with a Flood Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance is meant to provide protection for any peril. However, if a flood damages your home, your homeowners insurance won’t provide any coverage. Investing in a flood insurance policy is the only way to make sure you aren’t financially devastated due to a flood. When thinking about investing in a flood insurance policy, it’s Read More