What to Know About Flood Insurance

Flood insurance covers your home from flood damage, a danger to which many people believe they are immune. Many people believe that because they are not in a flood zone, they do not require flood insurance. Many of those people are the ones who are surprised to find out that flood insurance is not covered under their homeowners insurance policy. Yes, it's a nasty truth that could have easily been avoided if they reviewed their policy, or simply read this article! If you do not want to be caught … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Regarding Flood Insurance

Most people assume that a flood won't happen to their house and when it does happen, they're often left clueless because they were not prepared. In the aftermath of a flood, many people are unpleasantly surprised to know that home insurance does not cover the damaged caused by the rising waters of a storm. They then believe that their insurance company tricked them and are ripping them off when, in actuality, the exclusion for floods is written in plain sight, right in their contract. The best … [Read more...]

Have You Considered Insurance For Your Wine Collection?

What you need to know about using wine insurance to protect your Pleasant Hill, CA collection. If you’re a wine collector, odds are you’ve invested not just a significant amount of money, but also countless hours and endless energy in cultivating your collection. The bottles you own represent your passion. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean your homeowners insurance will protect them. Certainly, your policy might pay to replace your bottles if they’re damaged by a covered cause (e.g. a fire), … [Read more...]

Making The Most Of Your Claim

Your Guide To Properly Filing Your Homeowners Insurance Claim After a disaster, your first thoughts are likely about getting your family to safety, minimizing the fallout, and preserving your valuables. Your insurance claim is probably low on your priority list after a fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstance damages your home, but that does not mean it should stay there. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your claim will be filed properly, helping you make the most of your … [Read more...]

Stay Afloat with a Flood Insurance Policy

Homeowners insurance is meant to provide protection for any peril. However, if a flood damages your home, your homeowners insurance won't provide any coverage. Investing in a flood insurance policy is the only way to make sure you aren’t financially devastated due to a flood. When thinking about investing in a flood insurance policy, it’s important to keep in mind that that there is a 30-day waiting period, which means it’s never too soon to invest. If your flood insurance policy is still in … [Read more...]

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