Wills & The Medical Power of an Attorney

  In case you lose the ability to speak for yourself, it’s best to keep your health care wishes in writing. Like most people, you aren’t too keen on imagining yourself in a hospital bed unable to speak due to some illness, old age, or disability—like Hillary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”. However, if you don’t do at least a little bit of planning—meaning, having your wishes about the future of your finances and property and possessions, and naming beneficiaries—these matters could wind … [Read more...]

What is Employment Practice Liability Insurance?

Employment Practice Liability insurance covers businesses from legal action from their employees when they believe their rights have been violated. The number of lawsuits filed by employees against their own employers has been increasing in recent years. While most of these claims are filed against large corporations, employees will not care what size your company is if they find their rights to have been violated. Smaller companies now need this type of protection, and the more you know about … [Read more...]

Importance of Long-Term Care Insurance

People are living longer than ever in today’s world. Although modern medicine allows people to live longer, it has still not found a way to ensure people stay just as healthy as they were in their younger years. Although living longer means that you have more time to spend with loved ones, it also means that you could become a burden to you family if they have to take care of you. Investing in long-term health care can help ensure that you are able to enjoy a long life without causing financial … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Safety

Many 4th of July celebrations are centered on outdoor activities, from swimming, to barbecuing, to watching firework shows. Although these are all fun activities, they also can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. Following these 4th of July safety tips can help make sure that everyone enjoys the holiday. Firework safety Never allow small children to light fireworks or sparklers. Never throw fireworks towards people, animals, buildings, vehicles, or flammable … [Read more...]

Family Fun in the Bay Area

The Bay Area has many fun places and activities for the whole family. From exciting day trips, to overnight camping areas, there is plenty to do for people of all ages. The Golden Gate Park in San Francisco welcomes more than 13 million visitors each year. The park engineer William Hammond Hall and master gardener John McLaren created an oasis for the people of surrounding areas to enjoy the natural world. The park offers 1,017 acres full of gardens, playgrounds, lakes, trails, and monuments. … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Disability Insurance

Most people do not consider the importance of disability insurance until it is too late. Disability insurance can help you meet your financial obligations if you unfortunately cannot work anymore due to an injury. About 12 percent of the workforce will become disabled for five or more years during their career. Making sure you are covered can help ensure that you and your dependents stay financially stable during this hard time. Disability insurance pays benefits as a partial replacement of … [Read more...]

An Umbrella of Protection: Personal Umbrella Insurance

With all the different types of insurance out there, it's easy to be confused about what might or might not be covered. Even if you think that you have the right amount of coverage with all your policies, an umbrella policy can save you in the event of an unforeseen lawsuit. A personal umbrella policy is a kind of catchall policy designed to protect you (and your assets) when and if your other policies simply can't cut it. Some instances where personal umbrella insurance will come in handy … [Read more...]

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