Climb Carefully: Ladder Safety Tips

These ladder safety tips will help you get up and back to the ground without injury. With the changing seasons comes the time to make some changes around your house. From clearing your gutters of fall leaves to stringing up seasonal décor, it’s not uncommon to find yourself on a ladder this time of year. When you do, use these ladder safety tips to make sure you safely reach the ground again. Make sure you choose a ladder that’s the right size for the job. Never stand on your tip toes to … [Read more...]

Eleven Basic Ladder Tips To Keep You Safe While Using Your Ladder This Holiday Season

The seasons are changing and it's time to do a little fall maintenance before you begin preparing your home for the holiday festivities.   You'll be using your ladder for many things such as cleaning your gutters, getting your holiday decorations out of the storage and hanging your holiday lights, etc.  Here are some helpful tips that will teach you some basic ladder safety. Always wear slip resistant shoes that have heals Make sure the bottom of both your shoes are clean and … [Read more...]

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