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5 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Buying Professional Liability Insurance

Securing your business against unforeseen risks is a pivotal aspect of responsible entrepreneurship. One essential component of risk management is obtaining professional liability insurance. This type of insurance is designed to protect professionals and businesses from the financial fallout of potential lawsuits. As you contemplate buying professional liability insurance, it’s crucial to ask the right Read More


What Is Liability Insurance?

What does liability insurance do, and what does it cover? Liability insurance covers damages done to another person from an accident in which you were at fault. Liability insurance is the one of the most basic types of auto coverage one can purchase, and is actually mandatory in the majority of states in the U.S. Read More


Special Insurance for Your Leisure Vehicles

If you own a jet ski or ATV, be sure to know your coverage! While jet skis are a perfect way to enjoy the water on a summer’s day and ATVs are great for outdoor driving fun, the number of accidents involving these vehicles are on the rise. Nowadays young children are being allowed complete Read More

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How a surety bond differs from a general liability insurance policy

As a small business owner it is important for you to understand the difference between a surety bond and a general liability insurance policy. Many people mistakenly assume that a surety bond is a substitute for a general liability policy. In reality, the two are substantially different. A surety bond is basically a guarantee that Read More