How to Purchase a Life Insurance Policy with Pre-Existing Condition

Everyone wants to protect their family, and a life insurance policy can give you the opportunity to do so. But how do you buy a life insurance plan with pre-existing conditions?  Life insurance financially protects your home in the event of your death as long as you pay your premiums. Your premiums are determined by a few factors which include your age, health, and more. If your health is in good standing, you can find a life insurance policy that meets your needs for relatively cheap. But if … [Read more...]

Life Insurance Life Events

What life events should draw you to modify your life insurance policy? Your life insurance is made to cover you for your present life. It should cover all your needs, but life changes and that means that your life insurance should too. As we have all come to know, life is unexpected and can change at any moment. Your life insurance policy needs to keep up with your changing life in order to provide your family with the right death benefit amount. Here are a few life events that, should they … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Changing Needs

Life moves on whether we're ready or not, do you have the right insurance to cope with these changes to your life? The universe is in a constant rate of change. Even now, the furthest reaches of the universe are expanding away from the Milky Way faster than the speed of light! Our lives change as well–admitedly, not as fast as the speed of light. Our insurance policies were written to cover us when we signed the dotted line and surely there are things that life has thrown at us that require an … [Read more...]

The Facts and Myths of Life Insurance

The last couple of decades have seen a decline in the number of people obtaining life insurance policies. In fact, only 40% of American adults currently have life insurance. One of the biggest reasons for this lower number is that individuals don’t fully understand the costs and benefits. Here are some facts and myths everyone should know about life insurance. Employer-Sponsored Life Insurance Many think that group life insurance through one’s employer is sufficient. However, coverage is often … [Read more...]

Life Insurance: Whole life vs. Term Life

You know that you should have a life insurance policy, especially if you have dependents like a partner or children who rely on your income earning abilities, but which kind is right for you? Most people can get by with one type or the other. Here's a look at the basic differences between term life and whole life insurance: Term life insurance policies are good for a set length of time such as 10, 15 or 20 years. You are only covered during this term, and once it's up, you can get a new policy … [Read more...]

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