Does Auto Insurance Cover Rental Cars?

Rental car insurance: do you need it? You’re excited and ready to start your vacation after a long flight; all you need is to get your rental car and you’re off! The only problem is that they hand you a clipboard with an insurance contract with more confusing insurance options. You want to be insured in Read More


How Renters Insurance Can Protect Your College Student

Send Your Student To College With Renters Insurance When you get ready to send your son or daughter off to college, you put a lot of thought into the preparations. After all, you want to make sure he or she is able to live comfortably away from home, has everything necessary to succeed academically and Read More


Understanding Your Auto Insurance

What Does Your Policy Cover? You know that you are carrying at least the legally mandated amount of auto insurance, but do you know much more about your policy than that? Have you wondered for what, exactly, your current policy includes coverage? Say, for example, that your car is broken into and your cell phone Read More


Identifying Your Need For Identity Protection Insurance

What Would You Do If Someone Stole Your Identity? We live in an increasingly technologically advanced world, and these advances have brought a number of benefits to our lives. From advances in medicine to global interconnectedness to increased dissemination of information, technology is revolutionizing the way we live. It also has some unfortunate side effects, however. Read More

Home Insurance

Renters Insurance Questions and Answers

While its critical importance has been documented again and again, the majority of tenants fail to carry renters insurance. Renters insurance is used to protect against the damage or loss of personal possessions, which can result in significant savings compared to the cost of replacing everything you own in the event of a catastrophe. Use Read More