Climb Carefully: Ladder Safety Tips

These ladder safety tips will help you get up and back to the ground without injury. With the changing seasons comes the time to make some changes around your house. From clearing your gutters of fall leaves to stringing up seasonal décor, it’s not uncommon to find yourself on a ladder this time of year. When you do, use these ladder safety tips to make sure you safely reach the ground again. Make sure you choose a ladder that’s the right size for the job. Never stand on your tip toes to … [Read more...]

Improve Visibility Behind The Wheel With These Mirror Tips

Optimize visibility, maximize safety with these steps for setting your mirrors! Blind spots are one of the biggest hazards all drivers on the road face. You know the feeling. Blinker on, you quickly turn your head to check that the lane behind you is clear. Your heart skips a beat when you surprisingly see a vehicle you didn’t expect in the lane you planned to occupy just moments later! No matter how aware you are on the road, cars can sneak into your blind spots. The best way to stay safe, … [Read more...]

Heat Stroke Prevention This Summer

Avoiding Heat Illness During The Warmer Months We have already seen the weather heat up in Northern California. This bodes well for your plans to head to the lake or lounge by the pool, but if you plan to be spending long periods of time outside you should be aware that you face the risk of heat-related illnesses and even death. The demographics who are at the greatest risk for heat illnesses are children, older adults, and construction workers. Those in houses with limited or lack of air … [Read more...]

Summer Safety Tips: Water Edition

Stay Safe With This Water Safety Guide Whether you prefer the beach, the lake, or the pool, odds are you head to the water when you need to beat the summer heat. The water can be a great way to cool off, but it is important that you keep some safety precautions in mind as you swim. To help you stay cool and safe, use these tips this summer. Safeguard With Supervision: Flotation devices and an occasional glance towards your kids as they play are not sufficient. Protect your children by … [Read more...]

Sharing The Road With Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Tips For Non-Riders & Riders Now that the sun is shining and the birds are singing, the roads are filling with motorcyclists who are excited to finally be able to take their favorite rides out of storage. Whether you are a weekend warrior yourself or prefer to enjoy the roads from the comfort of your car, it is important that we all consider motorcycle safety. As a motorcyclist, you know your responsibility in remaining safe from larger vehicles, but motorists in their cars and … [Read more...]

Important Safety Tips For Boating Season

Boating Safety 101 As you anxiously await the first boating trip of the season, it is important that you prepare for your next trip with a safety first mentality. Many individuals fail to realize the dangers associated with water fun, which leaves them extremely vulnerable. We want you to enjoy boating season without any bumps along the way, which is why we have gathered a list of essential safe boating tips. Safe Boating Tips To Ensure Safe Fun If you own a boat or enjoy the waters … [Read more...]

Extinguishing Your Home’s Fire Hazards

Are You Protected From A Blaze? Sometimes you cannot prevent a fire from touching your home. If a fire breaks out in your area and you find yourself in its path, the best you can do is take your family and your valuables and get to safety. Fortunately, though, there are some steps you can take to prevent an internal outbreak of fire. Use these tips to stomp out fire hazards at home. Never overload an electrical outlet. Pulling too much power out of an outlet is a recipe for disaster. If … [Read more...]

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