Making The Most Of Your Claim

Your Guide To Properly Filing Your Homeowners Insurance Claim After a disaster, your first thoughts are likely about getting your family to safety, minimizing the fallout, and preserving your valuables. Your insurance claim is probably low on your priority list after a fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstance damages your home, but that does not mean it should stay there. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your claim will be filed properly, helping you make the most of your … [Read more...]

Tips For Your Trip

Are You Ready For The Road Ahead? With Memorial Day just around the corner, you are probably looking forward to a long weekend and some quality time with your family. The holiday presents the perfect opportunity to get out of town, and whether you head out for relaxation or for fun it is important to prepare. So you can be ready for your upcoming road trip, we would like to offer the follow tips. Check Challenge: You are going to depend on your car or RV over the weekend, so it is crucial … [Read more...]

Pool Safety Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Your Guide To Protecting People Around Your Pool Area If your home has a pool, it has likely served as the center for some of your favorite memories. A family day by the pool, a poolside cocktail party, a day alone lounging and relaxing- a pool creates the opportunity for you to truly enjoy yourself. Unfortunately, a pool is also a huge safety hazard. If you have not thought about the possibility of someone becoming injured in your pool area, you need to start addressing that chance now. If … [Read more...]

Holiday Electrical Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips The holiday season may mean you have a lot of extra things, like holiday lights or space heaters, which require electricity. These added items can cause electrical problems if you do not use them safely. Here are some electrical safety tips to help you manage your electric items safely during the holidays. Only use one power strip per outlet for your electric items. Using more than one power strip in one area can cause the circuit to short out because there is too … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Safety

Many 4th of July celebrations are centered on outdoor activities, from swimming, to barbecuing, to watching firework shows. Although these are all fun activities, they also can be dangerous if the proper precautions are not taken. Following these 4th of July safety tips can help make sure that everyone enjoys the holiday. Firework safety Never allow small children to light fireworks or sparklers. Never throw fireworks towards people, animals, buildings, vehicles, or flammable … [Read more...]

St.Patrick’s Day Safety Tips

Everyone likes to have fun on St. Patrick's Day, but is important to stay safe. Plan your way home before going out. Have a way to get home worked out before you leave. Take advantage of public transportation, or use a designated driver or a taxi to go both to and from your party destination. Spend the evening with your friends. Being with friends at a party or bar is much safer, and much more fun, then going out alone. Make sure to keep tabs on everyone in your group to avoid possible … [Read more...]

Eleven Basic Ladder Tips To Keep You Safe While Using Your Ladder This Holiday Season

The seasons are changing and it's time to do a little fall maintenance before you begin preparing your home for the holiday festivities.   You'll be using your ladder for many things such as cleaning your gutters, getting your holiday decorations out of the storage and hanging your holiday lights, etc.  Here are some helpful tips that will teach you some basic ladder safety. Always wear slip resistant shoes that have heals Make sure the bottom of both your shoes are clean and … [Read more...]

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