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5 Different Ways in Which Workers’ Comp Claims Affect Your Business

Workers’ compensation claims have a definitive impact on almost every aspect of your business. In a perfect world, there would be no work-related accidents. Unfortunately, work-related accidents do occur, affecting your business. However, you can manage the impact by being proactive and working with your employees during the claims process and their recovery. How your Read More

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Why Should You Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Workers’ compensation, also known as workers’ comp, is a type of insurance that provides pay replacement and medical benefits to employees injured while on the job. This compensation is provided in exchange for the employee’s compulsory relinquishment of their right to sue their employer for negligence. One of the issues that the compensation agreement addresses Read More

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Workers’ Compensation 101: What Do You Need to Know?

For many small business owners, dealing with workers’ compensation can be a huge headache.  Why is the system so difficult to manage? While some laws are as clear as day because of their federal reach, some laws are left to be interpreted by the state. This lack of unified law leads to mass confusion for Read More

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New Year, Get a New Workers Compensation Policy

It is a brand new year, and that means making resolutions for a great 2014. One thing many business owners hope for is an uptick in sales, and prosperity in all of their divisions. Business owners have plenty to take care for the coming year. But if you get on top of these important matters Read More

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Workers Comp for your Home

Many homeowners do not realize that they should acquire workers compensation insurance for their household workers, such as someone who works their lawn or cleans their home. Many homeowners believe that their property liability insurance will help them with any potential injuries or that there is a very low possibility that household employees will get Read More