The High Cost Of Drinking & Driving For Teens

Teenagers Driving Under Influence

Understanding Just How Much A DUI Could Cost Your Young Driver

Even young drivers who are straight A students will cost more to insure behind the wheel than people with more driving experience. Consequently, it is important that drivers who are still in their teens understand how risky insurance providers think they are, and do all they can to negate that risk in order to keep their premiums low.

If you are a parent of a young driver who is not getting good grades, you might want to consider having your young driver pay the difference between the rates he or she would be getting as a straight A student and your current rates. This will underscore the importance of being a careful and thoughtful adult, both behind the wheel and in the classroom.

It can also encourage them to be thoughtful about their social behaviors. Remind your young driver if he or she gets pulled over while driving under the influence, his or her license will be immediately revoked until his or her 21st birthday. If a driver under the age of 21 has even a drop of alcohol in his or her system, the penalties will be extremely high. If he or she is 16, getting pulled over and charged with driving under the influence will mean he or she is unable to drive for five years.

With spring break around the corner, this is a great time to remind your teen about the importance of being careful behind the wheel, especially when it comes to alcohol.

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