The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agency vs. Captive

We’ve all seen the commercials for a cellphone company that has an adult man sitting around a smallish table surrounded by kids. The question posed to the kids in one ad is “Is more better?” Even the kids know that more is better. The same can be said for your independent insurance agency. The more products they represent the better coverage and premium you will likely get.

A captive insurance agency can only represent one company. They are obligated to one company by contract and they simply cannot sell you other another company’s product even if it saves you money. They are captive to the single company they represent.

An independent agent can offer you a variety of coverage from multiple companies. One company may have the best homeowners’ coverage and premiums, while another may offer unbeatable auto rates. Shouldn’t you have the option of choosing the best coverage for you no matter what company offers it?

We think an independent insurance agency offers you your best chance for options. We of course, think it is worth finding an insurance agency that offers these options. Lou Aggetta Insurance Services is such an independent insurance agency. We would love the opportunity to go to work finding you the best coverage and rates possible. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. There is power in choices and an independent insurance agency like Lou Aggetta Insurance offers you those choices.