The Different Types of Business Coverage

Business insurance is an important part of protecting the company in case damage to property occurs or other problems happen. Any company looking for insurance needs to understand the types of business coverage before making any decision.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is designed to protect the company when accidents or negligence occurs as a result of an employee or the business owner’s actions. It is a coverage for personal responsibility that keeps the business from facing a major financial loss.

Property Insurance

Property insurance is designed to protect the company properties when damage occurs. The coverage will pay for repairs to company assets or will replace items that are not possible to repair.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a type of insurance coverage that protects the company from financial losses when an employee is hurt on the job. The type of coverage required will depend on the level of risk employees face and the state laws.

When a business needs insurance coverage for any reason, it is important to turn to professionals for help. Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services to learn more about the options available for businesses and the best coverage for the company.