The Importance of Earthquake Insurance

In spite of the very real earthquake threat in our area, most Californians do not carry earthquake insurance. While it is easy to believe it won’t happen to you, earthquakes are unpredictable. You never know when or where a temblor will strike.

A typical homeowner’s policy does not cover earthquake damage. That means your home and your belongings are at risk and any repair or replacement cost comes out of your pocket. What would it cost to replace your belongings or to rebuild your house?

Earthquake insurance will pay to cover costs associated with earthquake damage including cost to rebuild or repair your home, cost for you to live elsewhere while work in done on your home, and cost to replace personal items damaged in the quake. If an earthquake strikes, the potential cost of the damage to your home and your belongings is enormous. When you buy earthquake insurance, make sure you buy enough coverage to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

Earthquake insurance premiums vary and the details of what exactly is covered as well as the amount of the deductible vary as well. For more information about earthquake insurance in the Pleasant Hill area, please contact Lou Aggetta Insurance.