Types of Business Insurance You Never Knew Existed

Did you know these coverages existed?

Many business owners purchase the bare bones of commercial insurance. Typically, any business will have the necessary coverage to keep their business covered, from general liability to commercial auto insurance.

But do you have everything that you need to protect your business?

Here are a few types of business insurance you never knew existed, and where your coverage may be failing!

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
This covers liabilities that may arise in the employment process. Claims of employment and unfair dismissal, discrimination, sexual harassment, or other civil or legal rights can be covered. EPLI insurance can cover the trial for which the insured is responsible, as well as other legal defense costs.

Terrorism Insurance
Insurance against terrorism can be written in the database of commercial property or other commercial insurance policies. This can protect your company from loss and damages due to a terrorist attack – not a bad move in today’s uncertain society.

Cyber Liability Insurance
Designed for any company that engages in online sales and storing employee and client information digitally. This type of insurance protects companies from any loss of data breaches where customers’ personal information is hacked by cyber thieves. Additionally, it can cover other expenses related to the site of a hacked society, such as business interruption or fraud.

Now that you know where your company may be lacking coverage, be sure to obtain your protective insurance today.  Contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services, serving Pleasant Hill and surrounding cities in California to get started.