The Ultimate Car Emergency Kit

The Ultimate Car Emergency Kit

You never know when things will go from good to bad to worse while driving, that’s why it’s important that you prepare your car for any situation.

We’ve all seen movies in which the protagonist drives off a cliff and into a body of water and only manages to escape because they somehow managed to have a hammer and reached for it right in the nick of time. We don’t live in a movie, and most survival situations will involve a broken down car in the middle of nowhere, so if you do not prepare in advance, you may find that breaking a car window is much harder than you thought. Here are the tools you need to make sure you survive any car-related emergency survival situation.

Necessary Tools

  1. Sustenance 
    Even in the worst case scenario, you are going to need sustenance to hold you over until help arrives. Be sure to pack water and protein bars to give you the necessary nutrition to live until help arrives.
  2. First-Aid Kit
    -Several gauze bandages 4-inches square, and smaller adhesive bandages
    -Cloth tape
    -Eyewash cup
    -Absorbent pads for bleeding
    -Antiseptic wipes and nitrile gloves (latex sometimes provokes allergies)
    -Burn ointment
    -CPR mask
    -Elastic sprain bandage, SAM splint
    -Scissors, tweezers, safety pins
    -Aspirin and non-aspirin pain relievers
    -Nausea medication
    -Duct tape
    -Warming blanket
  3. LifeHammer
    The LifeHammer is a tool that is made to crack car windows, and, seeing as how they have to survive car crashes, are notoriously difficult to break. The LifeHammer also comes with a seatbelt cutter because seatbelts are rather difficult to rip through–as they must keep you safe during a car accident.
  4. Flare or Traffic Caution Device
    Keep a road flare, warning flasher or orange traffic triangle in your trunk, and use it to alert traffic that your vehicle is disabled.

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