Why to Update Your Home Inventory After the Holidays

Add your new gifts to your home inventory.


The holidays have just been and gone. Before you put your new gifts away in their new homes, it’s a good idea to consider your home inventory. Your home inventory is a list of your belongings that work with your insurance to make sure all your possessions are covered. If you forget to add your new belongings to your inventory, then your insurer may not be able to replace them if they are damaged or lost due to a peril.


If you already have a home inventory, then pull it out and review it. Adding your new belongings or removing items that you’ve sold or donated over the season should be relatively easy. Ask the gift-giver for a receipt of their purchase so that you can easily add your presents to your inventory. Be sure to update each inventory copy that you have, including paper and digital copies.


Creating a home inventory isn’t difficult – Here’s how to get started!

  • Take a walk around each room with a spreadsheet, camera or video camera in hand. Take photos of the room and each object – especially those of high value.
  • Capture images of your items, noting identifying features and serial numbers, if possible.
  • If you’re using a video camera to capture your belongings, you can add commentary as you focus on individual items.
  • Once you have visual documentation of your possessions, enter all the relevant data on a spreadsheet or into an app designed for inventory keeping.
  • Keep your home inventory safe, saving paper and digital copies.
  • Talk through your inventory with your insurance agent. Having a list of your belongings and the total value of possessions helps them to understand your needed level of coverage.


Homeowners insurance helps to protect your property and precious belongings. To keep your house protected throughout the New Year and beyond, contact the professionals at Lou Aggetta Insurance Services for your home insurance coverage.