Insurance for your Vacation? You Just Might Need It!

Vacation Insurance Pleasant Hill CAHave you considered insurance for your vacation from Pleasant Hill, CA?

You’ve got insurance for your house. You’ve covered your car. You’ve got a policy for your health.

Why not protect another thing you care a lot about: your vacation? Travel insurance as you head out of Pleasant Hill, CA can give you the peace of mind you need to truly relax on your upcoming trip.

There are a couple of types of travel insurance, and both are worth considering. The first protects you before you leave, and is known as trip cancellation insurance. This type of coverage can kick in if you find yourself unable to take a vacation that you’ve already invested money in (e.g. you’ve booked flights or paid a deposit). It can cover you if you get sick, get called into work, or even experience a natural disaster that makes travel impossible!

Medical travel insurance is designed to cover you while you’re on your vacation. This type of coverage is important if you’ll be traveling outside of the range of your American health insurance. It can step in to cover your medical expenses if you have to be treated while you’re abroad, and can even pick up the tab if you have to be evacuated from the country for health reasons.

With these two types of travel insurance, you can make sure that your vacation is protected from the moment you book it to the moment you get home!

If you have upcoming holiday travel you think might be worth insuring, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance Services. Our Pleasant Hill, California team is here to make sure the money you’ve put into planning your vacation is never wasted with great travel insurance. To learn more about the coverage you can get to ensure you’re able to relax before and during your vacation, call us today!