Improve Visibility Behind The Wheel With These Mirror Tips

Visibility and Car Insurance Pleasanton Hill CAOptimize visibility, maximize safety with these steps for setting your mirrors!

Blind spots are one of the biggest hazards all drivers on the road face. You know the feeling. Blinker on, you quickly turn your head to check that the lane behind you is clear. Your heart skips a beat when you surprisingly see a vehicle you didn’t expect in the lane you planned to occupy just moments later!

No matter how aware you are on the road, cars can sneak into your blind spots. The best way to stay safe, then, is to eliminate blind spots altogether! Think that’s not possible? Actually, it is. By avoiding the overlapping area your side and center mirrors show, you can get more visibility from all of your mirrors.

Use these steps to adjust your mirrors to cut out blind spots when you’re behind the wheel.

Step 1: Gently lean your head against your driver’s window. Adjust your side mirror on that side until you can see the read end of your car in the mirror.

Step 2: Put your head between the driver and passenger’s seats at normal height. Adjust your right side mirror until you can see the rear end of the car.

Step 3: Move your center mirror so it faces the middle of your rear window.

Step 4: Double-check your work. As you drive, watch that cars pass you start in your side mirrors, then disappear from them the moment they show up in your center mirror. Fine-tune your set-up as needed to fully eliminate blind spots.

Properly adjusting your mirrors will help you cut out blind spots, making it easier to avoid accidents. Unfortunately, though, you can’t force all other drivers out on the road to be as careful as you! To have peace of mind as you drive, you need the right car insurance policy. Talk to an expert about the comprehensive coverage you deserve by contacting Lou Aggetta Insurance Services in Pleasant Hill, California.