What You Should Know About Insuring Items In Storage

If you are planning a move, there’s a strong possibility that you may need to rent a storage unit to house your belongings temporarily. In fact, the Self Storage Association (SSA) reports that almost 9 percent of American households currently have a self-storage rental in place; that percentage translates to nearly 11 million households. If you have items you’re currently storing, or are planning to store soon, here’s what you should know about insuring them.

First, you’ve worked hard to acquire furniture, electronics, clothing and other belongings, so you should always be sure these items are insured. If you have a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy, most offer some coverage for items stored off-site. Coverage limits often cap at 10 percent of the overall homeowner’s coverage. Also, damage due to flooding, earthquakes or other natural disasters are often not covered under these policies, so talk with your insurance agent to learn the specifics.

If you do not have coverage, self-storage facilities routinely offer insurance coverage (usually for no less than $5,000). You certainly have the option to decline coverage; however, it’s a small investment that should be considered if you don’t have other options.

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