When Making Resolutions, Think of Your Home and Your Lifestyle

It’s a new year!  Many of us annually make resolutions to adopt better habits, get in shape, accomplish more good, change our lifestyles — and then as the year progresses, we find we fall back into old routines and habits.  This year, instead of just making the promises to yourself, why not try a different system of incentives and rewards.

Rather than simply resolving to "lose weight," you might tie shedding those unwanted pounds to shaping up your home’s yard as well — exercise and a beautification project tied into one neat package. The goals of quitting smoking, eating healthier food and drinking less might also translate into more sustainable living in terms of planting a garden, purifying your home’s air.  Collecting rainwater is a perfect adjunct to conserving on home water usage, and saving energy as well.

Planning more quality family hours doing something other than watching television would be a great opportunity to take on DIY projects to improve your living spaces; think in terms of building or refinishing outdoor furniture, making new drapes or decorative pillows for your den, or learning to cook a favorite ethnic food as a family. 

The possibilities are endless — for families as well as for neighborhoods.  Some communities sponsor multi-family spring yard sales in an effort to improve and clean up the environment; others plan outdoor block parties and barbecues following a home maintenance day and street spruce-up effort.  Some neighbors design distinctive curb numbering stencils to aid visitors and emergency responders.

While you’re considering ways to improve your life in the coming year, take a little time to consider your insurance needs as well.  Feel free to contact us at Lou Aggetta Insurance to get a quote on all your personal and commercial policy needs.  We’re your local Pleasant Hill experts.