When Should I Add My Child to my Auto Insurance Policy?

Your teenager has their learners permit.  Do you need to add them to your auto insurance policy?  In most states, the answer is: No.

Your existing policy covers your teen as a driver until he/she is licensed, but do check the laws in your state to be sure.

Now your teenager has passed their test and has become a licensed driver!  Is it time to add him/her to your auto insurance policy?  The answer is:  Absolutely!

Your teenage driver must have insurance coverage. However, in rare cases it is more affordable to begin a brand new policy in your child’s name as opposed to adding them to your existing policy.

By initiating an individual policy for your teenage driver, it may save money if he/she has a job and pays for their own insurance. As a bonus, their driving record will not impact your auto insurance rates.

When you choose to add your child to your auto insurance policy, you may take advantage of certain discounts for good grades, and having multi-vehicles.  The downside is that your premiums are guaranteed to rise with a high-risk youngster behind the wheel. And don’t forget… this new responsible, or not so responsible, driver will have a record that directly affects your rates.

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