When to Review Your Auto Insurance Policy

Auto insurance is a must-have year round, but there are always good reasons to check your policy at least once a year or more often during certain changes. Whether you re-locate, drive more or less often, or have more or less drivers under your policy, insurance companies may offer significant discounts.

When you move to a new home or otherwise re-locate to a different town, city, or state, you must make sure your auto insurance has adequate coverage or possible discounts. Particularly if you have a good driving record, and move from a busy city to the quiet suburbs, your premium should decrease. Reversely, if you are taking public transportation more often than driving, or retired and only driving for occasional pleasure, then your auto insurance premium will lower.

You should also look over your policy for potential reductions after you pay off the car or a teenage drive moves out a few years later. Contact an experienced agent to check your policy periodically or to get a quote with another provider. For more information about reviewing your auto insurance in California, contact Lou Aggetta Insurance, located in Pleasant Hill today.