Wills & The Medical Power of an Attorney

Wills & The Medical Power of an Attorney


In case you lose the ability to speak for yourself, it’s best to keep your health care wishes in writing.

Like most people, you aren’t too keen on imagining yourself in a hospital bed unable to speak due to some illness, old age, or disability—like Hillary Swank in “Million Dollar Baby”. However, if you don’t do at least a little bit of planning—meaning, having your wishes about the future of your finances and property and possessions, and naming beneficiaries—these matters could wind up in the hands of estranged doctors, judges, and even estranged family—again, like Swank’s estranged family who only visited her to collect her millions. Here are some suggestions on what you can do to ensure that you have the last say on your things and body.

Living Wills

You need a written statement on the details of what kind of treatment you want should you become incapacitated. This living will bears no relation to the other kind of will that deals with your passing.

Powers of Attorney for Health Care

A durable power of attorney for the health care you’ll want, or not want should you not be able to speak. In this document, you appoint someone to take care of your health care issues. They’ll make all decisions regarding treatment and see that doctors and other health care providers give you the type of care you want.

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