Workers Comp for your Home

Many homeowners do not realize that they should acquire workers compensation insurance for their household workers, such as someone who works their lawn or cleans their home. Many homeowners believe that their property liability insurance will help them with any potential injuries or that there is a very low possibility that household employees will get injured. However, this is not true. Injuries in the home are extremely common.

Workers compensation is extremely important for anyone who has employees of any kind. This is an inexpensive coverage that will cover any injuries that an employee undergoes at work. This includes small injuries such as a wrenched knee when falling down a flight of stairs and more serious damage such as a neck injury when falling off a ladder.

Homeowners that do not have workers compensation will need to pay out for damages on their own. This means tremendous medical bills as well as potentially having to pay for lost wages for the duration of time that the employee will be out of work. These damages can be quite severe and are not worth the saving money by not having workers compensation insurance.